Peptide Therapy

Peptides Therapy Anti-Aging are naturally occurring amino acids that help to correct hormone imbalances; increase energy, cognition and mental focus; enhance sex drive; improve bone density, skin elasticity, muscle tone and stamina; lower body fat and cholesterol levels; decrease wrinkles; reduce inflammation, decrease joint and muscle pain, repair tissues and so much more!

Peptide therapy is also used to optimize the production and secretion of growth hormone levels, which rapidly decline as we age. Growth hormone levels affect age management, pain management, weight management, general wellness and also help to manage symptoms of chronic illness.

Who Can Benefit from Peptide Therapy and How Do I Get Started?

During your free consultation, our providers will discuss the different peptide options and make a recommendation based on your symptoms or goals. Your prescription peptide will ship to your home address directly from the compounding pharmacy.

To Schedule Your Complimentary Medical Consultation and Get Started on Peptide Therapy Simply Call or Text Our Office at 727-807-2224


This program is for those that can’t seem to build and maintain muscle mass. As we get older it gets increasingly difficult to do this, but with the help of this program we can help to improve results!

Tesamorelin/Ipamorelin. This peptide increases strength and muscle mass and targets belly fat.

BPC157. Great post work-out recovery, helps to reduce inflammation and is good for injury recovery.

Bioculpt. This treatment works to reduce body fat by 30%, increase muscle mass by 25% and is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes.

Hormone Therapy. As needed for building muscle and toning. 

Get on the road to Recovery


This program is designed to help you find your youth! Continue to live a full life and help keep you healthy and build a strong immune system, get you better sleep amongst other things to help you perform at your absolute best!

CJC 1295/IPA. Daily for anti-aging and collagen production, increases energy and quality of sleep. Can be used twice daily for maintaining body composition.

BPC157. Works to reduce inflammation, protects organs and increases growth factors for healing.

IV Therapy. Helps to boost your immune system, includes general vitamins for overall health and anti-aging.

B-12. Boosts energy and metabolism.

Glutathione. This antioxidant reduces oxidative stress on cells and reduces risk of certain cancers.

Just to name a few. 

How Long Will I Use Peptide Therapy?

Peptide therapies usually have a “loading” period of 3-6 months before full effects and maximum benefit are noticed. In fact, unlike synthetic growth hormone that has negative side effects of long term use, peptides are natural and can be used indefinitely for maximum health benefit and little to no side-effects.

How Are Peptides Administered?

Most peptides come in an injectable form. The pharmacy will ship you all supplies you will need and instructions. Using a tiny insulin syringe, you will give yourself a subcutaneous injection daily or 5 days a week. There is an oral peptide for those who do not want to do an injection, however, different peptides have different benefits. Our provider will discuss options with you during your consultation.

Our medical providers will help you select the best peptide in Clearwater!

AOD9604 – Also known as Anti Obesity Drug (AOD) it is a synthetic peptide fragment that makes up a modified 15 amino acid region of growth hormone (GH) with a tyrosine component to help stabilize the molecule. It was originally developed with the intent of finding an anti-obesity drug that had the fat burning effects of human growth hormone (HGH) without the muscle-building effect. Similar to GH, AOD9604 aids weight reduction in obesity and was originally developed for the treatment of obesity in humans.
Benefits may include:

  • Promotes Fat breakdown
  • Prompts fat release from obese fat cells
  • Prevents fat accumulation

IPAMORELIN – Ipamorelin is composed of five amino acids and mimics the body’s natural Growth Hormone (GH) release to boost GH levels in the body. This makes it a good option for anti-aging purposes and to aid in the treatment and prevention of disease.
Benefits may include:

  • Increased lean muscle mass & strength
  • Decreased body fat/li>
  • Increased energy & overall vitality

Peptides Available Include

BREMELANOTIDE – peptide used as a treatment for sexual dysfunction in both men and women. In men it can induce erections and restore erectile function without the negative side effects of traditional ED meds. In women it enhances libido, arousal, and desire.

  • Enhanced libido, arousal, and desire in men and women
  • Arousal not dependent on sexual stimulation
  • Effective natural alternative for psychological erectile dysfunction

CJC 1295 / IPAMORELIN – by stimulating the production and secretion of growth hormone, this combination peptide helps increase lean muscle mass, build strength and decrease body fat. It also promotes muscle recovery and increases stamina. Multiple anti-aging properties, including improvements to sleep, energy, mood, bone density, immune function, and body composition.

  • Increased lean muscle mass & strength
  • Decreased body fat
  • Promotes muscle recovery
  • Increased energy & overall vitality

BPC 157 – BPC stands for “Body Protecting Compound” and can be prescribed to help repair damage caused by inflammation; promote gut healing; accelerate wound healing and help strengthen and heal tendons, ligaments and bones; and reduce pain from muscle sprains, tears and other tissue damage such as skin burns.

  • Improves joint health
  • Mends muscles & tendons
  • Accelerates bone healing
  • Protects against internal & gut damage

SERMORELIN – Sermorelin is a growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), which can assist in the body’s production of natural growth hormone (GH) to help combat aging and promote weight loss. Sermorelin therapy has a wide range of benefits including reduced body fat; increased energy and improved mental sharpness; increased strength and lean muscle mass.

  • Increased lean muscle mass & strength
  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased energy & overall vitality

SEMAX – this neuropeptide helps accelerate nerve regeneration and improve neuromuscular performance. This peptide can also be used for preventative measures to protect against chronic disease, while helping to improve mental and physical performance. This peptide has been shown to help with conditions including anxiety, ADHD, opioid withdrawal, even chronic diseases including ALS, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

  • Helps improve memory & cognition
  • Helps support ADHD, anxiety, chronic disease
  • Improves neuromuscular function
  • Increase physical performance and stamina

GHK- Cu – GHK- Cu (GHK- Copper) is a tri peptide that stands for copper- binding tri- peptide gly-cyl-L- histidyl-L-lysine. This peptide was first discovered in the 1980’s and has since presented itself as a natural skin renewing, repairing and rejuvenating ingredient. Research studies show its role in anti-aging and tissue renewing properties as well as in its effect on skin remodeling and wound healing. GHK-Cu is widely used as a cosmetic ingredient with confirmed anti-aging and preparative properties. It is naturally found in our skin especially after injury or stress as it is liberated from the skin’s proteins to promote healing and decrease inflammation.
Benefits may include:

  • Promotes Healing
  • Antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Improves hair growth and follicle size

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