Optimum Weight Loss 23 or 40 Day Program

Want to lose weight and actually keep it off? No more bulking and cutting. No more yo-yo diets.

IHS has put together a comprehensive program for helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Build lean muscle without the excess fat. Lose fat without losing muscle- and KEEP it off. Get the body you want- naturally.

Need to lose 10 lbs or less try the 23 day diet $220

Need to lose 20 pounds or more we begin with the 40 day plan for only $339

Both plans are comprehensive and medical clinic and patient tested

Sustainable weight loss begins with lifestyle changes. This can be achieved with our medically-based food plan, revolutionary daily supplements that combat the effects of detox caused by fat loss, all while resetting your hormones which truly dictate your weight and appetite.

Our Medically-Approved Food Plan

No effort to lose weight will succeed without addressing your diet. The food you eat has a tremendous influence on your hormonal balance, so this formula is designed to work with our medically designed Optimum Weight Management Diet plan (included).

Combining a healthy diet with this homeopathic formula can reset your hormonal control centers. You can finally stop fighting your body and begin losing weight naturally and effortlessly.

→ Click here to download and print the Optimum Weight Management Program Guide

→ Click here to download and print the Optimum Weight Management Success Chart

Hormonal Balance

The first phase of our program focuses on resetting the hormones that control your appetite, metabolism, and body weight.

Hormones are a very delicate, sensitive system. They must be approached carefully. That’s why we use a special homeopathic formula: Optimum Weight Management Drops. This formula is designed to promote healthy pituitary, thyroid, and hypothalamus balance. With a healthy hormone balance, your body can begin to naturally release excess weight from even the most challenging and “resistant” areas of your body.

Medically Approved Nutritious Diet

The second phase of our program centers around a medically-approved food plan. We use a healthy high-fat, low-carb, low-calorie diet that gives your body the fuel it needs while shifting your metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning to accelerate your results.

Supplements For Optimal Function + Detox

The combination of a low-calorie diet and shifting to a fat-burning metabolism can be challenging for your body.

That’s why the program includes PerfectAmino, our essential amino acid formula. With 99% utilization, PerfectAmino is formulated to contain the 8 essential amino acids for healthy protein synthesis. Adding this incredible protein supplement helps prevent muscle loss while helping burn fat.

As you begin to burn body fat, toxins stored in the fat tissue are released into your body. To support your body and help manage the increased toxic load, we include BodyHealth’s Multi Complete (formerly Complete Multi + Daily Liver Support), our high-quality multivitamin packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and special herbal extracts to aid your liver with detoxification.

A Complete Doctor-Designed Program

With our Optimum Weight Management Program Guide, you will receive detailed instructions – broken down by the day, removing the guesswork! We also include a complete tracking system to allow you to monitor your progress.

Our world class client satisfaction team provides you with guidance and support throughout your program

Call 727-807-2224 for your in-person or Zoom consultation for your 90-DAY REAL WEIGHT LOSS PLAN!  

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