Cryoskin Thermal Shock/Cryo Therapy

Lose Those Inches

Using a combination of non-invasive technology, heat and negative celsius temperatures, freeze fat cells into your lymphatic system.

Each session is approximately 30 – 40 minutes. Skin is warmed then rapidly cooled. Results are immediate. 3 – 6 sessions can provide the best results.

Make it Tight… Make it Right!

Negative celsius temperatures promote collagen production. This effect can help to improve the appearance of loose skin

Cellulite, Anti-aging and more!

A combination of heat and negative celsius temperatures can assist with creating collagen and hyaluronic acid to promote smoother skin by reducing fine lines, cellulite and wrinkles.

Goodbye cellulite! Through cold temperatures increase blood vessels and oxygen supply. Boost collagen production, to break down cellulite, leaving you with smooth, dimple free skin.

Cool temperatures to widen the blood vessels to increase blood flow and circulation. The increase in oxygen supply boosts collagen production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores and improves skin elasticity. This is a perfect way for radiant skin!

More than just Beauty

We offer pain reduction using cryotherapy and muscle definition. Developing and defining muscles has never been easier!

We also have the ability to monitor fat and cellulite using thermographic imaging from Adicell Thermographic Technology. Learn more about Adicell below!

What is Cryoskin?

Cryoskin is a non-invasive treatment used for fat reduction, cellulite reduction, and skin toning. Results are seen after the very first session. To get the best results we recommend 5 sessions. Sessions are done manually through a massage technique using both hot and cold temperatures.


The CryoSlimming™ treatment uses a three-phase process of warming, freezing, and warming to initiate apoptosis. It is completely non-invasive and uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. CryoSlimming is a localized fat loss session to help deal with stubborn pockets of fat. This treatment can be done every 2 weeks


With CryoToning™, there’s finally a real, non-invasive solution to help you to reduce stubborn cellulite. CryoToning uses cold temperatures to tighten, smooth, and shape areas that need a boost in collagen and elastin production. When diet and exercise aren’t enough, Cryoskin will help you to achieve the look you’ve been striving for. This treatment is recommended once per week.


Cryoskin facial uses cool temperatures to boost collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pores and improving skin elasticity. A natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant. This treatment can be done once a week

What is a Cryoskin facial?

Cryoskin is a revolutionary machine from Paris. The technology is applied using an ultrasound-like wand to massage your face, making it painless and non-invasive. Just incredible results in 20-30 minutes. Cryoskin facials utilize the application of cold temperatures to tighten, smooth and shape areas lacking elasticity by increasing micro-circulation (oxygenated blood flow) by alternating vasoconstriction (the narrowing of the blood vessels) and vasodilation (the widening of the blood vessels). This means your skin will be smoother with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.  A natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant.

Do Cryoskin Facials really work?

Yes. Cryoskin facials are an effective way to tighten and brighten the skin. They increase blood flow to the face and improve elasticity, which can make the skin look healthy and plump.

What are the benefits of Cryoskin facial?

Furthering the treatment’s anti-aging benefits, Cryoskin facials are said to restore firmness to the skin and will even cause the skin to feel tighter right after the treatment. In rejuvenating the skin, the Cryoskin facial also restores radiance, soothes inflammation and improves skin texture and tone. It can even visibly reduce a double chin. 


What are the side effects of cryotherapy?

The most common side effects of any type of cryotherapy are numbness, tingling, redness, and slight irritation of the skin. These side effects are temporary. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns or side effects don’t resolve within 24 hour

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