Chiropractic treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

You wake up on a beautiful morning after a sound sleep, but you may feel fatigued. Or you just want to eat salty food without any proper reason. If you visit a naturopathic an alternative medical system based on the belief that diseases can be successfully treated or avoided without medications or complementary (non-mainstream) medicine doctor and don’t get a cure, you may develop adrenal fatigue. On the other hand, most traditional doctors deny that this illness exists. But a chiropractor clearwater can give you the best treatment for this health issue.

Chiropractic treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

The first use:

James Wilson, Ph.D., a naturopath, and alternative medicine expert, created the phrase “adrenal exhaustion” in 1998. It’s a “collection of associated signs and symptoms (a syndrome) that occurs when the adrenal glands perform below the required level,” according to him. According to him, it’s frequently linked to a lot of stress and often occurs after a persistent infection like bronchitis, flu, or pneumonia. People with it, according to Wilson, may not show any physical symptoms but yet feel lethargic, “grey,” and tiredness that does not improve with sleep. They also have a strong desire for salty snacks.

The term “adrenal fatigue” refers to a state of exhaustion caused by the adrenal glands. It is becoming more widespread, but it is also contentious. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands and used to control blood pressure. The adrenal glands produce more cortisol in reaction to stress. Adrenal exhaustion is hypothesized to happen when the adrenals are overworked from too much cortisol and can no longer generate the levels of cortisol required for normal physiological function.

Adrenal tiredness is treated by taking into account the extensive function of these glands and the wide range of inadequacies that might result when they aren’t functioning properly. “They have a huge impact on the entire body,” Dr. Wilson explains. “They’re the glands that respond to stress first, but they’re also the first to suffer from stress.”

The symptoms:

There are multiple symptoms found in adrenal fatigue. The common symptoms are below.

  • Fatigue, especially when first waking up, with intermittent “crashes” during the day, poor stress response, and mood control cognitive difficulties or “brain fog.”
  • Cravings for salty and sugary foods higher energy levels in the evenings and
  • Caffeine and other stimulant abuse, as well as a weakened immune system.

Insomnia, frequent urination, loss of muscle tone, poor circulation, depression, weight gain, and decreased libido are less prevalent symptoms.

Why does it cause?

When the adrenals are under stress, they create more cortisol. Adrenal exhaustion is thought to develop when the adrenal glands have been overworked to the point that they can no longer generate enough cortisol to operate properly. Potential stressors include environmental and nutritional issues and anxiety and emotional stress. Bereavement, trauma, and autoimmune diseases are all thought to have a long-term deleterious impact on adrenal function. Overuse of antibiotics can harm cortisol production.

Adrenal exhaustion is closely connected to, but distinct from, Addison’s Disease, an illness defined by insufficient cortisol production caused by either a pathology directly affecting the adrenals or disruption of transmission between the brain and the adrenals. At the same time, the symptoms of Addison’s Disease are similar to those of adrenal exhaustion. They were previously thought to result from stress-induced abuse of otherwise healthy adrenal glands for adrenal fatigue.

“The adrenals are required for gluconeogenesis to occur in the liver, as well as glycogen storage, which drives blood glucose production,” adds Dr. Wilson. “As a result, the majority of the principal symptoms of either adrenal exhaustion or Addison’s Disease are a result of either a lack of cortisol or a lack of blood glucose, as well as the numerous effects that each has systematically throughout the body.”

“Unlike Addison’s disease, adrenal fatigue does not have a pathological cause,” he claims, “with the exception of antibiotic usage, which may partially shut down the use of the adrenal glands.” Because you’re talking about the distinction between a body that can’t secrete cortisol vs. a body that isn’t secreting enough cortisol, you do have different symptoms with Addison’s Disease versus adrenal fatigue.”

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The diagnosis:

Blood tests and special stimulation tests that demonstrate inadequate levels of adrenal hormones can be used to diagnose adrenal insufficiency.

Adrenal fatigue, according to proponents, is a moderate form of adrenal insufficiency caused by persistent stress. Adrenal exhaustion is thought to be caused by your adrenal glands being unable to keep up with the demands of constant fight-or-flight arousal. According to this notion, existing blood tests aren’t sensitive enough to detect such a slight loss in adrenal function, but your body is.

It’s aggravating to have symptoms that your doctor can’t seem to explain. Accepting an unprepared practitioner’s medically unrecognized diagnosis, on the other hand, may keep the true reason — such as depression or fibromyalgia — undetected while it continues to take its toll. You can test this health issue under a chiropractor Clearwater of Integrative Health Solutions.


Diagnostic approaches are at the center of several latest scientific debates over adrenal exhaustion. Blood tests developed for Addison’s Disease and Cushing’s Syndrome, which some practitioners believe are insufficient for evaluating the complicated cortisol cycles for an adrenal health examination.

Most doctors who do an adrenal fatigue test use urine or saliva tests to detect cortisol levels. “You have to have a sense of how stressful people’s lives are,” Dr. Wilson adds. “You can have a patient with normal cortisol levels who is weary from working fourteen-hour days.” They’re anxious about their mortgage. Therefore there’s a problem—they require more cortisol than usual, so there will be a crash.”

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